Green Biscuit Snipe Shooting Training Puck
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  • The new Green Biscuit Snipe is now designed for shooting. Practice all type of hockey shots!
  • Puck is made from a different softer material with each puck weighing 5.2 oz which is a little heavier than the original Green Biscuit.
  • GB Snipe feels more like a real puck on the ice making your training with this puck more game applicable.
  • The Green Biscuit Snipe is a great off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop shooting & stickhandling skills that will blow your competition away.
  • Your surface doesn't have to be perfect for the Green Biscuit Snipe, but the better the surface the better the performance. Pick up a Shooting Pad or Dryland Flooring Tiles and you’ll have the perfect setup for practicing your stickhandling and passing skills.
  • Use the Green Biscuit Snipe with your teammates at dryland practice and watch your team win more games.
  • Item #: 7634
  • Manufacturer: Green Biscuit

Green Biscuit "Snipe" Shooting Training Puck

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