Fast Hands Hockey Stickhandling Training Aid
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Fast Hands Hockey: The Ultimate Stick Handling Aid

Manufactured in the USA using computerized pipe bending machines and precision welds. Fast Hands are built to last a lifetime.
  • 1 inch diameter steel tubing x .083 inch wall thickness finished with powder coat paint.
  • Fast Hands will help you develop the most important fundamental skill in hockey... Stick Handling.
  • Limitless number of moves and combinations including:
  1. Expansion of Reach
  2. Figure 8s
  3. Quick Stick
  4. Soft Touch
  5. Wide Dribble
  6. Bait Cup Go Around
  7. Toe Drag Deception
  • Designed by Skills Coaches for Skills Coaches and Players of all ages.
  • Item #: 22507
  • Manufacturer: Fast Hands

Fast Hands Hockey Stickhandling Training Aid

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