Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Stick 2016 Model
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  • Construction:
    • Lightweight TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber
      • The new 2016 fiber orientation removes about 10 grams of weight, increases the taper's durability by 30% and provides an even quicker shot release than before
      • Lightest Vapor Stick ever
      • TeXtreme® is 20% lighter and manages impact stresses 20% better than traditional carbon fiber
    • Monocomp Technology
      • True one-piece compression molding process, eliminates "fusion" or connection point between shaft and blade
      • Gives players an unreal responsive and consistent feel from top to bottom
      • Best process available for a lightweight and balanced hockey stick
    • eLASTech Technology
      • Proprietary resin with carbon nanotubes reinforcements and tougheners that provide a 56% increase in strength compared to standard resin     
      • Extends the life of the stick by helping to keep micro-fractures from growing and spreading     
      • Extends the pop life of the stick; keeping it feeling newer, longer
  • Geometry:
    • Contoured - Rounded Corners and Double Concave Sidewalls
      • Micro Feel II Shaft dimensions allows the stick to sit comfortably in your hands, resulting in better puck handling and improved control
  • Flex Profile:
    • Low Kick via the Quick Release Taper Technology (QRT Technology)
      • The 2016 QRT Taper with the re-engineered fiber orientation provides an even quicker shot release than the previous QRT Taper
      • Offers the quickest loading process and the quickest releasing process to date from Bauer
  • Grip:  
    • Tacky grip stick finish
  • Blade:
    • Aero-Sense II Blade Core
      • Aerospace-grade material integrated directly into the outer layer of carbon fiber
      • Much lighter and more effective than the previous Sense Layer in the APX2 
      • Increases puck feel plus it prevents chipping, cracking and premature blade breakdown
      • Exclusive and Bauer's premium TeXtreme™ carbon fiber
    • Pure Shot Blade Profile
      • Extra reinforced connection point of the blade and the shaft
        • Increases accuracy and blade control by preventing the blade from opening up or twisting on big shots
        • Increases durability with the additional material in place
  • Item #: 1049999
  • Manufacturer: Bauer

Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Stick 2016 Model - Senior

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